Accessing a protected document

In order to access a document protected with SealPath, have two options:

  1. Register as SealPath user and download/install SealPath desktop client: You will also be able to protect documents.
  2. Register as SealPath user without downloading the software: You will be able to open MS-Office protected documents that you receive.


1. Register as SealPath user and download/install SealPath desktop client

After registering as SealPath user, install the software and log-in the application you can access a protected document just openning it with MS-Office or Adobe Reader. When you open the document you will see the following screen that tells you that the permission to the document is restricted and it is necessary to check your credentials with SealPath.


Depending on your browser's security settings, it will tell you that it is trying to establish a connection with an external site. Please note that SealPath does NOT uplad your documents to its cloud and simply checks if you have the right credentials to access the document.


Once you open the document, you will see that the document is protected and the protection applied (Highly Confidential, in the screenshot). You can also view the permissions you have clicking on "View Permission...".


2. Register as SealPath user without downloading the software

When you open the document you will be asked to enter your credentials to check if you have permissions to access the document. Enter your username and password (those used in the registering process). After this, you will see the same screens described in point 1.



In order to open a PDF document, you will need to download the SealPath Lite software, which includes a plugin for Adobe Reader access.


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