Registering on Sealpath

You can register on Sealpath for free to consume protected documents that other users have protected for you, and you will be able to try other SealPath's subscriptions depending on your needs. When you have signed up, we will inform you in different emails and in the screen the steps to download and install the SealPath's software.

First, access to the SealPath's website, and click on "Try it!": There are several possibilities.

  1. Signup as protected documents consumer: It is free and you will be able to access to the protected documents that others have sent you, although you will not able to protect documents.
  2. Signup as Professional Trial: For individual use to protect and consume secure documents.
  3. Signup as Enterprise Trial: It allows up to 5 users in Trial. Manage the protection of your corporate documents.

Once you have signed up with SealPath you will be able to access to your control panel from here:

You can see all the subscription types and trials at 

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