Downloading and installing the software

You can access to the download area in the control panel

SealPath Web Admin Login.png


  • Sealpath Lite: if you have received a PDF document protected with Sealpath, and you don´t have Sealpath Desktop installed, you will need sealpath Lite to open it. Is very light (4 MB) and it doesn´t require administrator´s permission to be installed. Download Sealpath Lite
  • Sealpath Desktop: Is the application that allows you to protect documents with a simple "drag&drop" operation. It also includes pluggins to protect from Microsoft Office or "right-clicking" in the document. Download Sealpath Desktop

 You can also download the apps for mobile devices from the different "stores":

Software Installation

If you want to use Sealpath to open Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) or XPS protected with Sealpath you will only need to download Sealpath Lite.

To consume PDF documents or to protect Office/XPS/PDF documents, you can download the software here.

Confirmation will be request to install the software.


After accepting the terms and conditions of the service, the SealPath software will be installed. The installer checks pre-requisites. One of them is having installed .Net 4 framework installed. If you don't have installed one of this components, the software will install them automatically.



Once the installation process has finished the SealPath application will start. Enter your credentials (email & password of your account) and you can start to use the application and plugins to protect documents. If you have signed up with your LiveId or Google Id email, you can do a federated login through the "start session with third parties" buttons.



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