Blocked accesses log

In the “Warnings” tab under “My documents” you can view the following types of events for documents protected by you:

  • Accesses blocked: Indicates who has tried to access a protected document without the credentials to do so.
  • Users added: Indicates whether anyone with “add users” permission has added a user to a document protected by you. It also shows when someone has changed a policy created by you to add users to all the documents protected by the policy.
  • Unprotected: Indicates when someone with sufficient permissions (for example, a user with full-control permissions) has removed the protection from a document.

On this screen, you can filter by date and do free-text searches by document name, event type, etc.


Click on the document name to access detailed information for the document. From there, you can view all the warnings for the document in the “Warnings” tab:



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