How to protect a document

If you are going to securely share documents with a partner or your work group on a regular basis, you can create a new protection which can later be reused to protect additional documents. To do this, select “New” from the main screen of the desktop application. 


Configure the protection name and description. For example:

  • Name: RFP Project Workgroup
  • Description: Protection for new RFP Project documents


Add users (identified by their email address) and their permissions (View, Edit, etc.).


You can also configure other options such as the expiration date for the documents, watermark, etc. You can also share the protection with other users.



Once you have created the protection, all you have to do is drag the document to the protection (or double-click on the protection) and it will automatically be protected. You will not need to configure again users and permissions, just drag the document over the box and it will be protected.


If you want to protect a document, but you are not going to reuse the users and permissions configuration you can create a custom or "use it once" protection.

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