"Add users" permission

When you share a confidential document with another person, this other person might be part of a work group and need to circulate the document or allow other people on their team access.

For example, you may have a contact at a company and protect the document to allow this person access, but also give them the “add users” permission so that they can give the same permission to their co-workers. This means that they do not have to contact you each time they want to add someone to ask you to change the permissions or include another person.

If you want to give this permission to someone, select “Add users” from the list of permissions when configuring the protection:


If you have given this permission to another person, they will be able to add users to the document by dragging it to "Add users".


When adding permissions for this user, they will only be allowed to have the same or fewer permissions than the person with the “add users” permission.


Even if you give others the option of adding users, you will still be notified when a user has added another user to the document, allowing you to maintain control of the document at all times. In addition, because you have full-control permissions, you can remove any user added at any time.


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