Platform and technology

SealPath is a Cloud Service that uses AD-RMS (Active Directory Rights Management Services) protection technology. Microsoft AD-RMS is a mature, proven information protection technology that has been in the market for several years used by large corporations and multinational companies.

It is based on public key and symmetric cryptography, and uses identity management for protecting sensitive information. It manages certificates in a transparent and automatic way and the user doesn´t need to handle keys by himself as happens in other public key encryption solutions. It protects data at-rest, in-transit, and in-use, and it integrates natively with Microsoft Office and others Microsoft solutions that support AD-RMS. AD-RMS combines encryption and digital rights management so that applies persistent protection that travels with the content.

AD-RMS uses a powerful "lockbox" that allows protecting the environment in which the information is accessed. We could say that the "lockbox" permits an "embassy" in another person's computer so that the access to the information follows the rules you've set as content owner (you control the "embassy ").

SealPath selected this powerful and proven technology as the basis of the protection system to ensure maximum security and control of sensitive information of their customers. SealPath makes this technology available in the cloud, through the powerful services of Amazon EC2 and Windows Azure platforms.

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