Accessing a protected document in Mac OSX

SealPath allows viewing, editing, etc. protected Microsoft Office documents through Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac OSX without needing to download any additional plugin or software. The way to access from Office 2011 in Mac OSX is similar to the process described for Windows here. For other file formats such as PDFs, text plain, rich text, images or even Office formats the users can use the new SealPath viewer application for Mac OSX. The SealPath’s user can download the application for free from iTunes through the following link:

Using this application is very easy. You just need to “double-click” over a protected file and after login in SealPath (you need to login only once), you will be able to access to the protected document in SealPath Viewer for Mac OSX. If the protector user has protected the document including dynamic watermarks you will see your email address, IP address and date/time in every page of the document.

The documents keep the protection properties that have been established such as expiration dates or possibility of accessing in offline mode.

macosx sealpath.png

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