Protection of CAD files

SealPath includes support for protecting and tracking AutoCAD designs. Thanks to the SealPath protection, users working in the design, manufacturing or engineering industries will be able to share securely their designs or critical CAD files with their collaborators.

The protection features that can be applied to CAD documents are similar to the ones of other file formats:

  • Permissions restrictions: View only, edit, print, export contents, add users or full control.
  • Possibility of assigning expirations dates to the documents.
  • Possibility of accessing offline the documents for X days.

Once protected you will be able to revoke access remotely, give and remove access in real time, control who and when the document is being opened, check if someone is trying to open the document without permissions, if someone  is adding other users to access the document or if a user with full control permissions has unprotected the document.

SealPath protection for AutoCAD is fully integrated in the AutoDesk’s AutoCAD product suite (2014, 2015). The AutoCAD designs can be protected with SealPath Desktop in the same way you protect files with other formats. To open them, the users need the new AutoCAD plugin. If SealPath Lite is installed and you don´t have the SealPath’s plugin for AutoCAD, it will show you a message inviting you to download and install it.

Once installed you only have to double-click over the AutoCAD file (.dwg format) and it will be opened within AutoCAD. In AutoCAD you will be able to see your permissions over the file.


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