Protecting audio and video files

SealPath allows the encryption of video and audio formats. You will be able to protect these type of formats so that only the users with the right permission can open them, and you will be able to configure expiration dates so that they can only be opened until a specific date.

You will have a complete tracking regarding the accesses of the video and audio files: Who and when they are opened, who has tried to access them without permissions, etc. The difference with other formats is that the protection for video and audio is encryption plus identity control, but the user, once the file has been opened, can “Save as…” the file, to store it unprotected. To open the video and audio files the users will use the standard applications installed in their PCs.

.mp4, .avi, and .wmv formats are supported for video and for audio, the most used formats such as .mp3 are used.


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