Protect documents for any user in a specific domain or subdomain

You can protect with SealPath documents not only for specific users (i.e. or groups of users in Active Directory / LDAP (i.e., but also for every user in a domain or subdomain.

For example you can protect documents for:

  • * Any user in this domain will be able to access the document.
  • Similar to the previous case.
  • * Any user with an email with .ext of s3lab domain will be able to access.
  • *@* Users with emails like i.e. will be able to access.
  • Any user of any domain will be able to access the document.

The only requirement for the users to access is that they need to be registered in the SealPath’s system (in the Cloud/SaaS or in the On-Premise system). The registration can be done through different ways: email invitation, registration by the admin, auto-registration through the SealPath’s web (for SaaS).

As the users will need to login in the document with the credentials they used in the registration, you will be able to see their identity in the document tracking information with the document information feature or the tracking tools for the admin.

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