Relationship between software application and SealPath edition

The available SealPath solution types are described inside the article SealPath solution types and related user types. In the following table it is shown the relationship between the different SealPath’s software applications and the SealPath’s product types or editions:

Software & Solución

  SealPath Professional  

  SealPath Enterprise  

  SealPath Free  

SealPath Desktop

 Available  Available

 Available (1)

SealPath Lite (PDF)

 Available  Available  Available

Panel de Control Web

 -  Available -

SealPath File Servers

 -  Available -

Visores móviles

 Available  Available  Available

Acceso con MS Office

 Available  Available  Available



NOTE (1): A Free user (protected documents consumer) can download, install and use SealPath Desktop, but can not create protection policies to protect his documents. The "custom proteccion" is allowed for a free user, but he can not revoke access to them. 

In SealPath Enterprise for Managed Service Providers, customers are registered with SealPath Enterprise, so the software available is the same as marked in the table to SealPath Enterprise.


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