Platform and Technology

SealPath is a "Cloud"-based service that uses the AD-RMS (Active Directory Rights Management Services) technology to protect information. AD-RMS is a mature and proven information protection technology that is on the market since 2003. This service can also be integrated "On-Premise" in the infrastructure of a company.

This technology is based on symmetric and public key cryptography and identity management  to protect sensitive information. It operates transparently with automatic management of certificates, and the user does not have to worry about this, unlike other solutions using public key encryption. It protects data at rest, in transit and in use and integrates natively with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft solutions. AD-RMS combines encryption and digital rights management so that applies a persistent protection that travels with the content.

AD-RMS uses a powerful "lockbox" that allows to secure the environment in which the information is accessed.  To put it simple, this "lockbox" allows an "embassy" in another person's computer, so the access to the information follows the rules that you have set as owner of it (you control the "embassy").

SealPath chose this powerful and proven technology as the basis of his protection system, to ensure maximum security and to control the sensitive information of his customers. 
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