Web admin dashboard

When the admin logs in SealPath web admin (SealPath Enterprise), the admin will access to the application dashboard. There, the following options are shown:

  1. Warnings: Number of warnings/alerts related to the management of sensitive documents like blocked accesses, unprotected documents, etc.
  2. Messages: Notifications about maintenance operations, updates, etc. published by SealPath.
  3. Get document information: Drag a document over the box to view document protection details. The document won´t be uploaded to SealPath only a document identifier. This feature works only with browsers with HTML5 drag&drop support (i.e. Chrome, Firefox).
  4. Summaries of reports about protections, documents, users and warnings.
  5. Quick links to specific parts of the application.
  6. Information about subscription.


You can customize some of the panels shown in the dashboard as you can see in the screenshot below.



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