SealPath Recovery - What to do with protected documents if you are unsubscribed from SealPath

When to request SealPath Recovery

SealPath Recovery is a tool that allows recovering all the documents that were protected with SealPath, being now unsubscribed from SealPath the user or organization.

How to request SealPath Recovery

To request SealPath Recovery, the owner of the document must send an email to

The user have to accredit that he/she is the legitimate person to desprotect the document or folder, so as to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Once the tool is requested, the user or organization will receive an email with a zip file attached. This zip file encrypted with password contains the tool and the file with the private keys of all the documents.

Use of SealPath Recovery

After decompressing the zip file on the computer, it will appear the next screen, where the given password have to be introduced.


The next step is to choose "document" or "folder". It will appear a selection dialogue of the chosen element. In the example we choose a folder.



We choose the folder that we want to unprotect.


After pressing OK, the document starts to process.At the end, a report of the process is displayed, showing that the results are correct.


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