Protect automatically folders in a File Server

SealPath File Server runs in the system as a resident process, so you can continuously protect documents in the shared folder of a File Server. This allows that the users can protect documents with just saving or storing documents in their shared “protected” folders.

You can download SealPath File Server from:

Once downloaded it will ask for execution permissions:



After accepting the Terms and Conditions of Service, the software will be installed. The software checks installation pre-requisites such as having .Net4 framework installed. If you don´t have these components installed the software will automatically install them.


After this, SealPath File Server will request the credentials of the user that will run the service. This user is needed in order the protection service works correctly. Please don´t try to run the service with a local or network service. It is not necessary that this user is an administrator user.


This service will be running continuously. It is necessary to install SealPath File Server in a server that is up and running 24x7, because it will be continuously monitoring what the users are storing in the “protected” shared folders to protect the documentation they leave on them. In the case you work with an array of disks not directly linked to a File Server, it will be needed that SealPath File Server is installed in a server that is running 24x7 with access to the shared folders.



Once the installation process has finished, you can run the app from the start menu -> SealPath File Server. Enter the credentials (email and password) of an administrator of the SealPath Service (for example the credentials used to enter in the Administrator’s Web Control Panel or a delegated admin created in this web console).

After the login, the protection of folders is done in the same way than we do with SealPath Desktop in the menu option “Folders”. 







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