How does the folders' protection work?

The automatic folder protection is available in SealPath Enterprise On-Premise and SealPath Enterprise SaaS. SealPath Desktop enables a "filewatcher" in the machine over the selected folder and detects any event related to the creation, adding or modification of files and applies the defined protection policy over the files in that folder for the supported file formats. You can also drag and drop folders to a protection box in SealPath Desktop or do "right-click" over a folder to protect all the files stored in it.

This can be done also in a File Server. In this case, SealPath File Server (similar to SealPath Desktop but for File Servers)  is installed in the File Server. SealPath File Server applies the same type of protection that SealPath Desktop, with the difference that the policies that are applied are the Corporate policies and the identity of the user that protect these files is the administrator's one.

You can see how to protect folders in a file server in this article

You can see how to protect folders in a desktop in this article.

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