Integration with Microsoft SharePoint and other Document Management systems and File Synchronization tools


SealPath supports the integration with Microsoft SharePoint through SealPath File Server. The administrator can apply a specific protection policy to a SharePoint’s site and library that needs to be protected.

SealPath File Server monitors the SharePoint folder so that when a user stores an unprotected document there, it is automatically protected. The protection event doesn´t happen in real time. SealPath File server monitors periodically the documents stored in the folders that have a protection policy applied.

SealPath File Server has been integrated with Microsoft SharePoint 2010, 2013 and SharePoint for Office 365 through the SharePoint’s Client Object Model.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need the SealPath File Server version with SharePoint support please contact with

For other Document Management systems or File Synchronization tools there are other ways to automatically protect folders:

  • If the document management system provides a file synchronization tool, SealPath File Server can be installed in a server where the file sync tool is also installed. SealPath File Server can be configured to protect specific folders, so that when a user stores an unprotected document there, it becomes automatically protected. The file sync tool will make the file visible in the server where SealPath File Server is installed and SealPath File Server will protect the file automatically (NOTE: There are delays due to the synchronization process doesn´t happen in real time and if a lot of files or files of big sizes are being synchronized).
  • SealPath provides an SDK to do specific integrations with document management systems and other corporate tools. Through this tailor made integration it is possible to protect folders or documents automatically in these document management systems.


Because SealPath protects your documents wherever they are, you can work securely with any document storage and backup tool or system.

If these storage or backup systems are online and store your documents in the cloud, with SealPath you can be sure that only the people you choose will be able to access these files, even if they are stored on a server at another company, in another country, etc.


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