Secure and (almost) real-time collaboration using Dropbox

Using Dropbox and SealPath, you can share documents with other people and work collaboratively and securely.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a service which allows you to store your documents online and share them with other people easily. It is like a cloud folder which is replicated on all the devices which have the Dropbox application (PC, mobiles, etc.). It is very easy to use and ideal for sharing documents with partners, contractors and customers, above all for large documents. Watch the online video to see the options Dropbox offers. It is also free up to 2 GB and very inexpensive for larger sizes.

What happens when we share a document using Dropbox?

When you allow another person access to a folder or document in Dropbox, the other person will see the document in your Dropbox folder and can access the document. Once you have given them access to the document, they can copy and move it wherever they want. You will have lost control of the document.

What does SealPath allow you to do with Dropbox?

It protects your document so that even though you have shared it using Dropbox, you will be sure that even if it is copied, moved, etc., the only people who will have access to it will be the people you chose. It will be in the Dropbox cloud, but encrypted in such a way that only those for whom you have configured it using SealPath will have access.

How to collaborate securely with a partner using Dropbox and SealPath

Select a document on your PC and right click to protect it using SealPath. Move the document to your Dropbox folder and share it with whomever you want. You can also protect the document directly from the Dropbox folder.


Share the folder with your partner.


The person who accesses the document will only have the permissions you have assigned them and even if they remove it from Dropbox, the document will retain the same protection.


If you make changes to the document, the person you have shared it with will know that there is a new version.


You and the people you share the document with will be able to see the versions you have been working with.



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