Limit access to protected documents by source IP address

An IP range allows limiting the access to documents only to specified IP address.
When it’s applied to a protection, it blocks any IP addresses not included in the IP range from accessing the protected documents.

IP ranges menu is located in the Administration tab:


Creating and editing an IP range

To create a new IP range:

  • select the “New IP range” option.
  • edit the range name
  • edit either the CIDR address or the initial and the final IP address.

An IP range can be defined either by a CIDR address, or by an initial and a final IP address.
The CIDR and the IPs editing is mutually exclusive. When the CIDR field is being edited, the IP fields are disabled. To edit the IP fields instead, make sure that the CIDR field is empty.

Note: Currently only the IPv4 addresses are allowed.





To edit or delete existing IP ranges:

  • place the mouse over an IP range to modify and press the “Edit” or “Remove” button that become visible in the last column (figure 4),
  • or select the checkboxes for each IP range that should be modified, then press the “Edit” or “Remove” button above the IP ranges list (multiple ranges can be deleted at once, but only one IP range can be selected for edit)

Note: IP ranges that are applied to a protection cannot be deleted. It’s necessary to remove the IP range from a protection first (more information in the next section - “Applying an IP range to protections”).



Applying an IP range to protections

To apply an IP range to a protection:

  • select the protection to be modified and enter the “Edit” mode
  • press the “Next” button to go to the third tab: “Options
  • choose one of available IP ranges from the dropdown menu and press the “Add” button.

To remove an IP range from a protection:

  • select the protection to be modified and enter the “Edit” mode
  • press the “Next” button to go to the third tab: “Options
  • place the mouse over one of the IP ranges applied to the protection and press the “Remove” button.

Note: Removing an IP range from a protection doesn’t delete the IP range itself, it only removes the link between the protection and the IP range. The IP range can be applied back to any protection. To permanently delete an IP range it has to be removed from the IP ranges menu.



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